Versatile Rubber Stall Flooring - Brick Red

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Versatile rubber flooring offers a solution to stall floors where concrete is used as an underlayment.

The beveled tiles are 24″ x 24″ x 5/8″ thick. Adhered down with a 2-part adhesive, these recycled natural rubber tiles provide a soft, non-skid surface, wet or dry. With bedding on top, Versatile offers the most cost effective and best solution for stall flooring in the industry.

A more civilized floor than the old-style black rubber mats, this stall flooring dramatically reduces dust, virtually eliminates ammonia (with regular cleaning), and makes stripping the stall a one-person job instead of a team effort that keeps getting put off because of the hassle. Reduce your need for laborers, and turn a nasty job into a more pleasurable one.


Please call 1-800-888-9921 for orders larger than 25 pieces