Rotating Wash Wand

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How does that saying go – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Our proprietary design for this unique and innovative barn accessory has been officially “knocked off” by the competition. And we’re flattered. You can order from them. Or you can order the original from us, which is less expensive and includes ALL the parts.

Our rotating wash wand was designed for the ultimate in safety for your horses and convenience for you. Those wash booms that you see in some barns will rotate 180 degrees, which is really convenient. Now imagine walking a complete 360 degree circle around your horse as you bathe him. That means you’ll never have a hose underfoot that poses a tripping hazard. And it means your valuable time spent in the wash rack is cut WAY down.

From the mounting plate to the industrial grade swivel to the 18″ pipe to the hose and nozzle itself, our wash rack system includes everything you need to give your horse a bath in style.


Powder Coated Black │ 18″ galvanized pipe │ 12′ commercial hose │ adjustable spray nozzle │ 14 lbs.