ProPanel Stall Grazer Junior Cube Horse Feeder

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The Junior Cube Grazer 3-in-1 horse feeder is designed for use in box stalls or pens and are perfect for feeding hay cubes or pellets to your horses or ponies. The feeder is a one piece molded polymer design that has a center cavity for hay pellets or cubes and a smaller cavity on each side for grain and salt.

Like all Pro Panel horse feeders, the Cube Grazer sits at ground level allowing your horses to eat comfortably with their head down and teeth aligned in a natural grazing position the way nature intended. Your horses are healthier and happier and will keep the cubes in the feeder and not out on the ground.

The savings on feed, shavings and labor will return your investment year after year.

All Pro Panel Stall Grazer feeders come with a one year limited warranty and installation is fast and easy!