Equine Solarium


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A solarium, which is a system of large red lamps that give off infrared heat, will help your horse by improving performance, increasing circulation, and reducing injury. The heat energy generated by the lamps penetrates the skin, aiding in warming up prior to exercise and drying and loosening muscles after exercise.

Our horse solarium is built with a heat resistant, colored ABS reinforced body. The lamp positioning is designed to treat specific muscle groups. The front is raised to allow free movement of the horse’s neck and it features rounded edges to avoid injury. A combination of infrared heat lamps of varying wattage, as well as 4 air circulators, ensures an even and pleasant temperature over your horse. The lamps are mounted into aluminum back boxes set into the main body, preventing a horse from making contact with the lamps themselves. The aluminum back boxes minimize corrosion and heat loss into and behind the main body shell.

All lamp fittings are manufactured from ceramic, not plastic, giving extreme longevity. All internal wiring is fire resistant to 230 degrees. Optional components include a range of control boxes, medical quality UV lamps, timers and electronically operated, fully enclosed belt hoist systems.

This form of infrared therapy is a safe method of natural health care and physiotherapy for your horse.

12 150 watt infrared lamps and 6 250 watt infrared lamps; 4 air circulators; 3700 watts drying power; 71″l x 44″w x 19″h; 66 lbs.; 20 min. session time consumes 3.7 kw power and costs $.08


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