Corner Grain Feeder

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Our corner grain feeder is functional, durable and designed so that your horse can get to all the grain and doesn’t spill any onto the stall floor.

Made of a strong, tough, high quality polyethylene plastic, they’re fast and easy to install and to keep clean. They’re much safer than metal feeders that may have sharp edges and the “memory” of the material prevents denting. They’re extremely lightweight and can be easily taken with you to a show.

Value priced, these feeders are FDA approved and food-grade safe. Available in a multitude of colors which are molded right into the feeder, the color will last the life of the product. Any scratches that may occur are imperceptible because the color is the same all the way through. And did we mention that they’re corrosion free? Yeah – pretty much a perfect little feeder.

Bowl holds 20 quarts | 24″w x 15″d x 9″h